Best of Art & History: A sparkling exhibition in Athens

The Museum of Cycladic Art pays tribute to eminent women in antiquity

Entitled “Princesses of the Mediterranean in the Dawn of History“, the exhibition features archaeological artefacts from Crete, Euboea, Attica, Thessaloniki, north Cyprus and Italy dating back to 1000-500 BC. Rare findings in gold, silver, iron, ivory, amber, precious stones, glass (all expensive materials at the time), elaborate ceramics, figurines, garments and other symbols of worship. Archaeologists believe they must have belonged to real women of eminence: noble priestesses, healers or members of royalty, authority, prestige and wealth in their communities.

The Museum of Cycladic Art is a strong favourite among tourists and locals, a close second to the Acropolis Museum. To complement the theme of your event and inspire your people, HELDEN can plan guided visits to the best museums in Greece.

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