How we work

Every business brief is different. Every client has its own agenda and personality. And so every project is a new journey. To get it right, we work closely with you and follow HELDEN’s fail-safe 5-step process:

1. Brief and Budget

…where we get it

First we discuss your brief, not in a … brief discussion. Clearly, we cover the basics of your project: when, how long, how many, how much etc. More to the point though, we need to understand what you want to achieve for your people and your business.
Once we have pinned down your goals and interests, we make some early suggestions. To give you a better clue, we show you photos and clips of other meetings, incentives, conferences and events we have organized.
You might also consider coming on one of HELDEN’s familiarization trips to check out some of the available options – and our team in action.

2. Concept and Logistics

… where we hit on ideas and consider our options

This brings us to our strongest point – and what has made HELDEN’s name in the MICE industry in recent years: Originality. There are many ways to meet your goals and fit your budget. We can do both, but with a twist that everyone will remember.

A secret destination, an inspiring setting, an exclusive venue, a clever concept, a thrilling theme, an insightful programme. With our deep knowledge of Greece, our creative edge and our spirit of enterprise, you will be spoilt for choice.

To pick which, we weigh these options against their cost and logistics. This takes a bit longer, especially since we are trying to get the best service at the right price.

3. Here is the Plan

… and here is Plan B, because [we know] you never know

By this point, our concept is growing into a well thought-out plan. Once agreed on a destination, we book the venue and take care of the basics: food and sleep. Then we make careful arrangements for the rest that your project requires, large and small.

Our plan covers in detail everything that your people will need to enjoy a seamless, top quality experience. We run it by you to make sure it ticks all the boxes. Right up to the end we fine-tune it and cross-check it with our suppliers.

It is true that things do not always go according to plan. That is why we also prepare a flexible Plan B we can fall back on if ever things change. So far, it has not failed us.

4. The Big Event

… where we get it done

Ready, steady. Our team are alert and on their marks. Like clockwork, we carry out the plan, cater to any newly emerging needs, and manage efficiently all practicalities on site. If something unexpected arises, we take care of it, then and there.

In every decision, our priority is your group of people and what you mean to achieve: team building, communicating your products and services, brand messaging, spreading ideas or just having a great time.

This way, you can focus on the true point of your event: experiencing and sharing it.

5. Follow-up, Feedback and Press Forward

… where we get even better for next time

No time to rest yet. Instead, we find ways to keep up the momentum that the event has created for you: website updates, post-event follow ups, social media and newsfeeds, on- and off line communication campaigns and interactive means.

We also sit down and go over what went well, where we might have missed the mark, and what to keep in mind in our next projects. This stage is important to us. It adds to our experience and helps us become better and better.

It is also a great opportunity for a [perhaps not so] quiet celebration among ourselves and our partners. Cheers, everyone!