Why Greece

Because some experiences are unrivalled and unmissable. We invite you to share them with us and give you 5 good reasons to choose Greece as your next destination:

1. Our inspirational past

Our past informs your experience in the present. It is there for the living.

Test the ingenious proportions of the Parthenon from different angles. Marvel at the details of its treasures at the Acropolis Museum. Watch the conservation teams at work on its fine marbles.

Walk through the ancient market where Aristotle and Socrates introduced their philosophical thoughts. Try out your own rhetoric at ancient stoas open for meetings. Book an ancient stadium as your venue.

Watch performances in stone-built theatres that once staged the original plays of Sophocles and Euripides. Discover incentives in sacred sites of oracles. Host your event at imposing palaces and make your people feel like grand masters themselves.

2. Seasons in the sun

Sun-drenched, diverse and dramatic. The Greek landscape has something for everyone. And we know just where to take you.

Share our affinity for the sea: Cruises through blue-green waters. Sandy beaches, unspoiled coves or rugged coasts. Coastline caves with exciting configuration. Sea diving and water sport activities.

Cherish the intense beauty of mountains: Olive groves, citrus trees and conifers. Vibrant wildflowers and sweet-smelling herbs in proliferation. Giant rock formations of obscure origin. Winding paths to remote monasteries.

Just don’t forget to pause and take in the breathtaking vistas.

3. Shiny, happy people

It is not just the sun; it is our sunny disposition too.

As a people, we are open. We like to share our good moments and beckon you to the perks of Greek hospitality and life. Plus, our staff are there to help you be eclectic across the spectrum of options:

From light-hearted entertainment to erudite pursuits. Avant-garde performing arts to boisterous dance festivals. Exquisite classical music performances to alternative music energizers. Quiet evenings by the sea to bombastic gatherings on rooftop gardens.

And if you are not game for a Michelin-starred culinary experience, you can always fall back on a scrummy dish of mousaka and a generous slice of baklava.

4. Post-Olympics pride and prejudice

Dispelling misconceptions with aplomb.

Hosting the Olympic Games in 2004 meant crucial changes to the built fabric of Athens and other Greek cities that hosted sports events: first-class sports facilities, cutting-edge communication centers, new roads and better transport, topped by the Athens metro – a matter for pride in its own right.

These facilities and infrastructure are still in place, living a second life. Many of these venues can be booked to host upmarket events, international meetings, conferences or sports activities for incentives. Provided you know what, where and how to get it.

5. Window of opportunity

When life gives you lemons…

The crisis has hit hard the Greek economy. This downturn though has an upside. We may now choose from a wider range of alternatives and secure better deals from our suppliers. Plus, we can finesse our way round obstacles confidently and combine options to deliver to the expected standard – if not higher.

Clearly, this is a time when you can get you more for your money. More to the point though, this is a company that can offer you value that money alone can’t buy.