Alternative Athens for Art & Amusement

An antidote to the overstated stereotype of “bouzouki music, Zorba dancing and smashing plates”, Gazi is the new vibe in Athens.
Synonymous to diversity and creativity, Gazi is an exciting neighbourhood of Athens not far from the Acropolis. Situated at the old gasworks of the city, over the last 15 years it has been transformed into an upmarket area with a refreshing buzz.
Its focal point is the Technopolis, an industrial museum of modern architecture with a striking character and a major art and culture venue. Around it visitors can choose from a multitude of hip restaurants, stylish cafes and smaller art galleries.
HELDEN can stage your event at Gazi and fine tune it to a delectation for your taste buds, little grey cells and formidable spirit. For details, contact us.

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